We believe there is a perfect home out there for you.And also that each of our homes has a perfect buyer waiting for it.

That’s why we prefer to work exclusively with our wait list and our private referral network to choose who we sell our homes to, instead of just listing them to start a free-for-all bidding war on the market.


From a young age starting with sand castles on the beach and tree houses in the woods, as a child, founder Paul Yevzikov always had a passion for making things. He learned from his father over the years an appreciation for working with his hands, as well as a mathematical background.

From these roots, Moksha Investments was born to make beautiful homes for families to build memories in, and smart investments for families to grow their wealth with.

So Moksha Investments was founded to combine the best of both worlds: art and design when it comes to quality construction, married with a numbers-oriented quantitative and analytical approach to identifying real estate investing trends, and managing construction.

A fast-growing privately held company , Moksha Investments has rapidly attracted partnerships with the best and brightest vendors, suppliers, and tradesmen in the business who have all come together to make each Moksha Investments project not only the perfect home, but also a strong investment.



From the inception, Moksha Investments swiftly became the most reputable and active provider of custom homes in several markets in Northeast Bergen county, and established a dominant presence. So much so, that Moksha now has a small wait-list of buyers for homes in each and every A+ town that we build in. This was made possible by the unique, and transparent home buying process that Moksha Investments has developed, which makes it easy for buyers to get the home of their dreams, exactly the way they want, and within the budget they need. Combined with a fanatical dedication to quality and meticulous attention to detail in every custom home, the Moksha Investments logo in front of a property has now become synonymous with both a quality home, and a strong investment.


The most important thing to us, is for you to love and be thrilled with every single inch of your new home. That’s why before we lay a single brick, we listen. Our homeowner interview process helps us pinpoint exactly what your busy family needs in your new home. And then there’s the design. Our specialty is making the home look and feel just the way you dreamed of. For a homeowner, there is a unique and indescribable feeling that comes when you’re in your new kitchen in the morning making your coffee, and set it down on the granite that YOU picked. Or when you’re washing your coffee mug in the sink and enjoying the fine detail on the backsplash which YOU chose. We make having a custom home built for you easy, fun, and stress-free.


We partner with award-winning architects, who understand how to create stunning and charming designs, while maximizing space and efficiency.



First we listen to where our waitlist wants to live, and we go and find homes in those streets and communities. Whether it’s being in an A+ town near easy transit to NYC, or being within a few steps to nearby houses of worship, we always start with the end in mind.



Whether large open layouts, or dual kitchens with two of every appliance, or even heated bathroom floors on timers that automatically learn to heat up before you wake up in the morning, we’ve learned to build to meet different and unique needs.